Short story: The Grinning Man

The Grinning Man

From my research I can safely say that the first mention of the grinning man was in Victor Hugo’s novel The Man Who Laughs, published in 1869. In it, a boy named Gwynplaine was mutilated to such an extent it left him with a permanent grin. The book inspired several films of the same name, the most famous being Conrad Veidt’s eerie portrayal in 1928. His rictus grin shocked the world.

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Short story: First Date

They were on a date. It was very by the book.
His mother had pressed a crisp one hundred rand note into his hand before she dropped them off at the entrance to the carnival.
To her credit, she kept the embarrassing behaviour to a minimum.
It was a perfect night; not too cold with a cloudless sky ablaze with stars. It was a night where magic could happen.

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My first FLF as a panelist

16 May 2011

I attended the Franschhoek Literary Festival this year as a first-time speaker.

I first attended the festival in 2009 as a guest of my editor Helen Moffett. It was a squeal inducing experience with lots of encounters with my literary heroes (Tom Eaton, Finuala Dowling, Max du Preez etc) and lots of running around in the rain (it was the year that Cape Town experienced that frightening storm to end all storms that managed to blow itself into the winelands).
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Behind-the-scenes of the Dark Poppy book trailer

28 April 2011

Book trailers are neat little things. They’re like film trailers, except instead of trying to get audiences excited about upcoming films based on novels, they showcase the novels themselves.

For my upcoming book, Dark Poppy’s Demise I called up girl power director extraordinaire, Kirby Kruger, to help me out with a trailer.
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Fast Fuse facts


July 8 2009

Some snippets from my interview with Hunter Kennedy from the launch of Fuse last night.

The original name for the novel was going to be Kaboom, after the Marilyn Manson song of the same name. I wanted a direct reference to the controversial singer but at the last minute decided to change it. I still managed to sneak a reference to him in the book, but you’ll have to read it to find it.
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Some thoughts on bullying


5 May 2009

Newspaper headlines are ghastly creatures, particularly when they gleam of sensationalism.

I am a journalist myself, so I know that after completing each article I need to come up with a witty one-liner to sum up what I’ve written. But I am also a reader, and I feel very strongly about certain subjects, as do many other people I know.

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